Current projects

Precast reinforced concrete material production plant (JBI)

Equipment: stationary production of lightweight prestressed floor slabs, columns and beams, stairs and elevator shafts


Capacity: total production based on 200 thousand square meters of housing per year


Manufacturer: Weckenmann (Germany)

Bottling vodka in glass bottles

Equipment: monoblock machine for rinsing, gravimetric filling of alcoholic beverages, corking and labeling


Capacity: up to 2,000 bottles of 0.75 l per hour


Manufacturer: Nelden (Italy)

Packing peanuts in cans

Equipment: the line includes machines for cleaning empty cans, filling peanuts, rolling the lid and closing the can with a plastic lid


Capacity: 45 cans of 150 g per minute


Manufacturer: Sapli Industries (Spain)

Production of concrete poles of overhead power lines

Equipment: line for the production of prestressed concrete products using formless technology and slipforming


Capacity: 130 poles of 10.5 m per day


Manufacturer: Nordimpianti (Italy)

Apple cider production

Equipment: a full cycle of apple cider production from fresh or preserved apples, starting from the reception of raw materials and ending with bottling and group packaging


Capacity: 2 million liters per year


Manufacturer: Flottweg (Germany), Lanxess (Germany), CFT (Italy) and Nelden (Italy)

Packing butter in briquettes

Equipment: machine for briquetting and wrapping butter and margarine


Capacity: up to 70 briquettes at 250 g per minute


Manufacturer: Vezzadini (Italy)