Sollich KG of Germany is the world’s leading supplier of chocolate enrobing, tempering, cooling, forming equipment as well as a variety of other associated equipment. For the past 80 years Sollich's team has pioneered research and development and set quality standards in designing and manufacturing chocolate and confectionery process machinery. It is their expertise and experience that have made Sollich's name synonymous with reliability and precision.


The success story of the Sollich KG began in 1920 when Robert Sollich founded a bakery/cake shop in Ratibor (Upper Silesia, Germany). 8 years later, in 1928, he invented the first vacuum sugar-boiling machine: the SOLLKOCH. This invention started what later became a full-scale manufacturing plant for machines for the candy industry. The portfolio expanded continuously with the development of the first continuous vacuum boiler – the SUPER-SOLLKOCH – among its highlights. Another patent was granted for a starchless moulding system for fondant and other soft candy products.


The company was relocated and reestablished in Bad Salzuflen in 1950. That was also the start of research and development of chocolate machinery. The invention and patenting of the circulation tempering process for the feeding of coating and moulding systems was groundbreaking and changed the chocolate industry overnight.


With Helmut Sollich, son of Robert Sollich, taking over the company in 1966, Sollich became the largest manufacturer of chocolate enrobing systems worldwide and has since then continuously proven its position as a market leader for tempering machines, enrobing systems for chocolate, compound and caramel, as well as candy and cereal bar forming equipment and praline forming machines.






Since 1932, Dumoulin was the first company to develop large scale automated coating pans for the confectionery and pharmacy industries.


Including : Loading and storage ; the coater; tanks; spraying systems; air handling dust filters and unloading controlled by PLC and PC supervisor packages.


A complete range of installations for confectionery: sugar and sugar free coating, chocolate and compound coating and varnishing, with batch sizes from 250 to 3000 kg.





Extrugroup is the world’s leading specialist in the engineering and manufacturing of extrusion machinery for the licorice industry.


Extrugroup is well-known for their unique, continuous production lines and tailor-made components such as cooking-, mixing- and forming extruders, Diemixes®, Dieswitch®, rotary, co-extrusion and fixed dies, cooling tunnels, sugar sanders and cutters which are used by confectionery, pet food, and plastics market leaders all over the world.


Each day, companies all over the world benefit from Extrugroup’s Advanced technology and constant innovation, which in turn leads to new, unique possibilities.






We are one of the top 5 leading manufacturers of chocolate machines worldwide.


Hacos designs, develops, builds and installs machines for chocolate processing. From moulding and tempering to enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, spinning machines, including all peripheral equipment.


Hacos has everything in-house to automate your entire production process and to answer with a tailor made solution.






Since being established in 1957, MASDAC has engaged in the development, design, and production of equipment for the manufacture of Western and Japanese-style cakes and cookies.


Starting in 1974, we also launched our sweets OEM business and have been producing “Tokyo Banana” since 1991. We took the opportunity to adopt “Sweets Innovation Company” to be our new corporate slogan as we head into the next 60 years.


We have developed innovative sweets products and the equipment for manufacturing them. Since 1999, when I became company president, we have also made great efforts to create equipment and cake and cookie production systems that achieve food safety and security.





Chocotech GmbH offers the most up-to-date innovative solutions for caramel, fondant, foam, jelly, hard candy, fruit snacks, binders, bird’s milk, brittle and Halwa production. Chocotech is part of the Sollich Group and has both a Candy Division and a Chocolate Division.


Chocotech’s history goes back to 1920 when Otto Lauenstein founded the company in Wernigerode. In 1930 Chocotech invented world’s first tempering machine and by 1939 had manufactured and delivered 750 machines. The company had 95 employees. In the 60s a new assembly factory was built on site of the original company in Wernigerode and by 1979 the company had grown to employ 200 specialists. In 1991 Chocotech was integrated in the Sollich Group.


As with all Chocotech equipment the highest values are placed in sanitary design, consistent temperature control, simple operation, and easy cleaning.


From the initial contact right up to the site acceptance test of a production line Chocotech’s team accompanies you as a partner. This guarantees an even smoother and punctual start-up. Fine-tuning of original recipes to run on modern continuous production lines, especially kitchens, can be very expensive if left until the start-up of such a line. Chocotech’s lab in Wernigerode employs expert process engineers with vast experience in the field. Their knowledge implemented in the state-of-the-art lab facility guarantees you manufacture top-quality product.






Nuova Euromec is a dynamic company specialized in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the confectionery and food industry.


We are expertise in satisfying the demands of manufacturers seeking new product development. We have earned an international reputation as a supplier having superior quality products, coupled with excellent performance and over 60 years of experience in service to the confectionery industry.


We are located in Martinengo (Bergamo), in Italy industrial north. Even if domestic manufacturers absorb some of our company product bases, the majority of our production is exported worldwide and is handled through a system of local offices and agents working within the international community. Our customers pride us on our unique ability to manufacture custom-designed equipment according to client demand.


This has become the hallmark of our company. Contributing to this philosophy is our belief in the continuous improvement and upgrade of our existing product line. We maintain close working relationships with our customers creating a smooth system of checks & balances that allows a mutually beneficial liaison.






The history of Catta 27 starts in 1927, with the creation of Cattabriga, first Company in the world for automatic ice cream machines, having patented the same year the self-cream maker, the first automated system to be placed in the market.


The 70's saw enter Cattabriga Cocchi's family, with the first of two brothers, Gino, who at first started development work in the crafts sector and semi-industrial sector, and subsequently totally in the industrial one.


Growth continued over the years with the input of the second brother, Giuliano, that bringing back the pioneering spirit would explore new markets not known at the time such as Asia and India.


The turning point for the Company arrived in the 90s, when the industrial sector of Cattabriga, was bought out by the two brothers, this led after short time to the birth of Brand Catta 27.


After years of success and acquisitions, Catta 27 is today under the leading of Giuliano Cocchi as a new company that, building on its heritage and important business partnerships, is renewed constantly maintaining inside that spirit of innovation that has always distinguished Itself over the years.






Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbHalong with its sister company Maschinenbau Runkel GmbH - is one of the leading global manufacturers of confectionery machines. As a specialist for Moulding plants, we are able to cover the entire spectrum of deposited sweets with different applications and throughputs.


We know that quality, innovation, short response times and a worldwide distribution which is built on superior customer service, are exactly the requirements that the global markets set to a modern company of our time. Therefore, hardly one WDS system resembles another. Individuality in planning and design has thus become the special profile of WDS over the years.


A permanent extension of our research and development work is natural for us and in our own laboratory new production facilities for the manufacture of confectionery products are developed and optimized in collaboration with our customers.






Caotech b.v. is located in Wormerveer, the Netherlands (next to Amsterdam and close to the world leading cocoa processing factories).


We like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of ball mills for processing cocoa, chocolate and compound. In this respect we supply worldwide turn-key projects to the cocoa, chocolate, compound, ice-cream and bakery industry.


The range of machinery we are manufacturing are listed below:

  • Continuous beater blade mills for the pre-grinding of cocoa liquor, of high fat content seeds and nuts e.g. cocoa nibs and/or hazelnuts capacities up to 5.000 kg/hr.
  • Continuous ball mills for the fine grinding of cocoa liquor, capacities ranging from 400 up to 5.000 kg/hr
  • Continuous and batch wise ball mill systems for the fine grinding of chocolate and chocolate related products, capacities ranging from 5 up to 2.000 kg/hr
  • Storage tanks and mixers for cocoa liquor, chocolate and chocolate related products
  • Pumps for the cocoa and chocolate industry






Today, the Polin Group is the largest Italian industrial company – and one of the first in the world – in the design and manufacture of machines and ovens for bread, pastry and biscuits.


We create customised equipment for the confectionery industry and offer the most complete range of machines for modern bakeries.


In ninety years of history we have taken our name around the world. Three generations of men and women have built and maintained a leadership style, which is now recognized in every continent, while facing the changing times and always staying true to our values: Quality, Clarity, Honesty.


With these principles, and a constant focus on research and innovation, the company has experienced growth in both prestige and in its market over the years.






Founded in 1898 in Radebeul near Dresden, HEBENSTREIT has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 1950, and since 1978 in Moerfelden-Walldorf, in the immediate vicinity of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport. We can therefore look back on 110 years of tradition.


We see the success of our customers with constantly evolving product ideas as an ongoing challenge. The quality and cost-effective manufacture of their products is our highest priority.


Our engineers and technologists go to great lengths to ensure constant further development which is borne out by our consistently strong market position. Our key strength is product development, carried out in collaboration with the most successful wafer manufacturers in the world.


In 1997, the original company in Radebeul returned to the fold of the HEBENSTREIT Group. Besides the headquarters and parent works in Frankfurt, an ultramodern machining center is conducted in Dresden.


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