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PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. is a manufacturer of meat processing machinery and breweries in Eastern Slovakia established in 1972. It has been operating in the Slovak and world market for almost five decades and has exported its products to more than 60 countries.


PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. offers wide variety of meat processing machines of various capacity as well as complete lines intended for high capacity and continuous meat processing in permanently operated establishments. They consist of several types of machines and equipment and are designed for high production quantity. These complex systems are designed in accordance with customers‘ requirements.






Sordi was founded in 1881 by Melchiorre Sordi and its activity was developed in the chemical field, mainly applied to the realization of products for dairies. This is the field where the company results to be actually innovating as, the first in Italy, it defines and sets the technology for the production of liquid rennet up. From the very beginning, the liquid rennet produced by Sordi was welcomed not only in northern Italy, but also in Germany and Holland.


In 1901 Sordi attends the local exhibition in Lodi as vanguard manufacturer and, besides introducing its own rennet, it starts manufacturing the first machines and plants for the milk processing industry: skimming machines (manual and motor-driven), ice making machines, machines for processing of milk and rennet as well as a lot of chemicals to be used in the relevant production processes.


From this moment, Sordi is in the core of the Italian milk or dairy industry both, for the production/supply of rennet and as manufacturer of dairy machines (milk processing units, refrigerating machines, milk to casein processing equipment, bottles cleaning, bottles closures equipment) and of big production plants for the milk and dairy industries. Due to this important innovating activity in 1919 the company’s owner is entitled of the honours of Chevalier of Industry.






Incus  was first started in 1999 under the leadership of a group of professionals with more than 35 years’ experience in the manufacture and marketing of machinery for nuts and seeds processing, in order to provide your company with comprehensive and personalized solutions.


We innovate for you and develop the technology that best adapt to your requirements; that is why our R+D department continually researches into new projects to make the best of your investment.

We hold a solid exporting policy with high-quality products, a policy guaranteed by our great business potential and knowledge to operate all over the world.


Our technology can be found all over the five continents. We provide the highest-quality technology to more than 35 countries. The main international processing companies trust us.






Boema S.p.A. is born in the 1979 and during the years emerged as a leader company in designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the food industry.


What has allowed Boema to become a leading partner in the food industry surely is its continuous upgrade on customer requirements and its capacity to develop the designing and manufacturing techniques.


Thanks to this, Boema S.p.A. has earned an excellent reputation for quality and reliability of its own products made by dozens of references testified by Italian and foreign industries. To date, the company works with about 150 employees, mainly specialised in the designing, production and installation of machinery and equipment for the food processing industry. Boema has two productive sites in Neive (CN), operating with a total area of approximately 15,000 m2 of covered area.






The Plattenhardt + Wirt GmbH holding traces its history back to the 1960s and is the leading European specialist in complex turnkey construction and equipping warehouses for storing fruits and vegetables, wholesale markets, logistics centers and various production halls.


A distinctive feature of Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH in the design and construction of fruit and vegetable storage facilities is the experience of more than 50 years.


Plattenhardt + Wirt GmbH has its own staff of architects and civil engineers who develop optimal solutions regarding the planning and placement of various industrial complexes, taking into account the peculiarities of land resources, energy consumption, ecology, logistics and other things, as well as design, production and assembly of refrigeration and RGS ( ULO) equipment is carried out individually for each project.






KRONEN was founded in 1978 as a merchandising company for hotel- and restaurant equipment and accessories.


The development and production of own machines for the fruit, vegetable and salad industry was started in 1992. By this, the products could quickly be established on the international market.


As an innovative and internationally operating enterprise KRONEN made further progress in establishing itself even more successfully on the international market, making it necessary to double the production area to 5000 m² in total. In September 2008, KRONEN celebrated the official opening of the new production hall and its 30th anniversary with a special live-concert and event for business partners and customers.






Today, PIGO has established itself as a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of high technology freezing, freeze drying and drying equipment, as well as fruit and vegetable processing equipment.


Our production process is precisely structured and divided in phases, thus ensuring top quality of each component/phase. The entire manufacturing and installation process is led by a strong team of engineers that over the years designed and developed our machines to their current features.


Strength of our concepts and top quality of our products are further confirmed by numerous references and satisfaction of our clients.






ICOEL has been operating in the fruit and vegetable industry for over forty years.


A leading company in the design, construction and installation of quality machinery and plants for fruit and vegetable processing, ICOEL offers completely customized solutions for the selection, separation, uniformity and packaging of products through a world-class industrial model, which has its roots in the artisan reality of the beginning. Technological innovation, high quality standards, craftsmanship in detail, direct relationship with customers and prompt and qualified assistance, ensure complete satisfaction of customer expectations and the certainty of representing the added value that creates success for it.


For several years ICOEL has been expanding its horizons towards foreign markets, forging new important partnerships with leading companies in this market such as COMPAC, world leader in the industry of calibration for the fruit and vegetable sector and exporting its machinery all over the world to countries such as the United Kingdom. , Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Uzbekistan, China and Chile. Wider horizons also allow us to expand the staff of ICOEL, which has reached over one hundred employees.






The Sorma Group is a multinational leader in the complete supply of automated machinery for the post-harvest of fruit and vegetable products and technical packaging materials.


From 1973 to date, we have designed and promoted more than 200 models of machines and designed more than 60 packaging models, protected by 60 industrial patents developed by the various R&D centres. During our 50 years of history, we have developed 10 production sites for a total of 105,000 square metres, 6 dedicated to the design and construction of machines and 4 specialised in printing, extrusion and the weaving of flexible packaging. The strategic choice coupled with our entirely verticalised production processes allows us to guarantee the numerous packers a complete, timely service.


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